country boy

At countryboy, we believe every brand has a story. Now more than ever, audiences are craving those stories, and it's up to us to figure new and creative ways to tell them. From high-end commercials to lifestyle and documentary pieces, we shape visuals to enhance that message. That said, here's our origin story.

countryboy co-founders Charles and Michael met at a small school at the intersection of three cornfields in Ohio. Like any good midwest relationship, it took a few years for the duo to decide to pair up, and commit to seeing each other every day, regardless if there was coffee or whiskey in the mug. Our britches have grown a lot since those days – we've now curated a full team of artists with multiple edit bays, color suites, and sound mix spaces in two cities.

Whether you have a specific post need, or a "I need everything" job, we guarantee once you work with our team, you'll fall in love, and keep coming back. We know that sounds like a used car or carpet commercial (which ironically we've cut, oddly those didn't make the country boy reel), but the point is that we're loyal, and we know you will be too.